About Speedy Move

Colin Moultis- Co owner (with Shane Truex, Owner). I have been working with Shane for several years now and took over operational duties of Speedy Move two years ago. I absolutely love meeting new people and helping them relocate to new places. I have a servant’s heart, and am faithful to Christ. I grew up “old school”. I believe in doing something right the first time, and doing the best job I can because I take pride in my work. I believe my work is a direct reflection of my character. I will always offer to do more than the job requires and strange requests are my specialty. (like taking a 400lb piano up a curved staircase with just two people).

Shane Truex- Original Owner and the man who started Speedy Move, he is a local Hutto land owner and business man. He is very successful in his endeavors. Shane and I met in Ju-Jitsu class and I have been his close friend ever since. We are very much alike in many ways, from business to mutual respect and customer service.

CJ- A close friend of mine who drives our largest truck and trailer. I personally trained CJ and continue to so, building him into a completely independent person who can handle pretty much any situation you put him in.

Eric and Mark- Two of our very best full time men, extremely strong and coordinated. These two men will handle many situations on their own and do not need “coaching” to figure out tight or sticky situations.